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About Us

Saffron International is one of the Leading Manufacturers and Processors of Grounded Spices, Blended Spices, Incense sticks, and Herbal Henna Products in our Brand name "Saffron Mountain" – Straight from the fields of India.

At Saffron International India, we have our own Processing Units in Mumbai and Gujarat, India. All our units are well equipped with high end technology machinery and processing units to produce the finest and the best quality Spices and Blended spices which adds flavours and Natural Taste to your Meal.
Since we have more than a decade of experience in Oil industry and are MASTERS in procuring Perfumery compounds , we manufacture all kinds of Incense Sticks using Spice oils, Natural Essential Oils, and Carrier Oils which are well taken care with the process.

Saffron International Revolution Began with a small team and is growing rapidly expanding its reach by delivering new types of incense, Henna Products with high end technology procuring best result to hair which every individual dreams of Saffron International being in industry of Spices Oils focuses on Blended Spices and processes different blended spices and grounded spices with one of our the biggest processor of Spices and Blended Spices located in Mumbai.

Our R & D: Our factory is well equiped with research and development lab, where all the fragrances which are marketed are first tested with high qualified professionals and reviews are noted in response to the fragrances developed to suits different demographics.

All our henna Products are tested and registered with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to sustain the health and safety of our end users

Saffron International being a foothold and a base for export is also a member of Spices Board Of India. All our Grounded and Blended Spices are well taken care of its quality and process.

Packaging: We have our In house Packaging units and with our marketing strength we design our Packaging according to the demographics.

Success is always with a dynamic Team and link Minded Thoughts.

Saffron International Invests on team as they do so for the people. Our team has following Members:
Professional Doctors
R & D Personalle
Quality Analysts
Sales and Marketing Gurus

Our Team works in close association to offer the best output which suits different demographics and stays right on toe for our clientele needs. We have made an unmarked effort developing our units and offices in India and Australia to build up our goodwill and provide the best material and quality products with customer satisfaction, business ethics and JIT to our clients.

With a long journey in the Marketing activity and researches we have developed our distribution channel to Melbourne, Australia.
Saffron International Australia, is located in the Melbourne a Multi- cultural hub where it adhere with the strongest norms and business practices to develop a product keeping in mind to satisfy our clients and consumers without any complain. We always ensure to provide the best quality product at very competitive price with our after sales service.

Saffron International Australia, plays a pivotal role in marketing "Saffron Mountain" products as they are in the market and knows the customers preference which leads Saffron International to grow and fulfil its end users desire.


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