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Whole Spices/ Grounded Spices
  1. Chilli Powder  
  2. Chilli Powder Hot  
  3. Coriander Powder  
  4. Coriander Cumin Powder  
  5. Cardamom Powder  
  6. Cardamom   
  7. Cumin Seeds  
  8. Cumin Powder  
  9. Black Pepper Powder  
  10. Fennel Powder  
  11. Ajowin Seeds  
  12. Turmeric  

Blended Spices
  1. Biryani Masala  (100gm)- Spice-mix for Delicious Biryani VEG/NON VEG
  2. Chicken Masala   (100gm)- Blended Mix for Chicken/Pork/Lamb/Beef
  3. Fish Masala  (100gm) -Blended mix of Spices for Seafood- Fishes/Prawns/Mussels
  4. Garam Masala   (100gm)- An Aromatic Spices for Indian Dishes
  5. Malvani Masala  (100gm)- A Spice- Mix for spicy Indian Dish
  6. Pav Bhaji Masala  (100gm)- An aromatic flavour for Pav Bhaji
  7. Sabji Masala  (100gm)-A Blended spice for Mix Vegetable
  8. Tandoori Masala   (100gm)- Blended spice for Veg/ non Veg BBQ and Tikkas
  9. Xacuti Masala  (100gm)- A tangy Goan Speciality Mix
  10. Vindaloo Masala  (100gm)-A Blended Spice mix for Spicy Dishes

Incense Sticks
  1. Saffron Agarbatti  
  2. Lavender Agarbatti  
  3. OMM Sai Masala Agarbatti  
  4. Dessert champa Masala Agarbatti  
  5. Floral  
  6. Cumin  
  7. Rose Agarbatti  
  8. Musk  
  9. Jasmine  
  10. Lavender  
  11. Cinnamon Agarbatti  
  12. Chandan Agarbatti  

Saffron Mountain Classic Henna
  1. All Henna Products  
  2. Herbal Henna for Hair  
  3. Cones  

Indian Basmati Rice
  1. India Gate Classic Basmati Rice  
  2. Dawaat Devaaya Basmati Rice  

Indian Specialized Items
  1. Colgate Max Fresh  
  2. Bajaj Almond Hair Oil  
  3. Dabur Amla Hair Oil  
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